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Welcome to Merc Energy Auto Garage

Mercedes Benz Auto Repair Shop in Subang Jaya


About Us

Merc Energy Auto Garage Sdn. Bhd. is incorporated in November 2002 with trained staff specializes in services and repair works for Mercedes Benz. A 100% Malay Islamic company, it was formed with sole objective to provide opportunities for younger generations of bumiputra citizens who aim to excel in this industry.

We aim to continuously improve through continuous learning the most advance tools and trainings available in the market today.

Due to tremendous support from our customers in this company, we have proven that Malaysian Islamic Bumiputra has the same capability and ability to perform skill task in which was often sought to be monopolized by other races.


Customer Testimonials

We at Merc Energy Auto Garage strive to be the best Auto Repair Shop in Subang Jaya, and consider our customers to be our best and most honest critics. We’re always listening to what our clients have to say so that we can update the products we carry and improve our service. Here’s what they think about doing business with us.

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Lola Ratu ( FB Review )

I was looking for a place to repair my car's broken thermostat. Being the kiasu me and "that kind" of expectation but at the same time you want to pay a price that is not so bombastic .

You can come here. 

You know that you can trust them with your car. Its proper and each car have their designated area so the parts (that being loosen out from your car) wont mix (that's how i feel) hahaha. So i kasi 5 bintang for this place..

About Engine Oil

SWD Rheinol : Schmierstoffwerk Duisburg - Germany

Swd is a medium-sized independent company, which emerged from the former FINA Schmierstoffwerk Duisburg. Swd has been developing, producing and distributing high quality lubricants and specialities for more than 50 years.  The brand name Swd-Rheinol® has existed since 1998.

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Rheinol Lubricant

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